New Eurostat products bring data closer to you New Eurostat products bring data closer to you

Today, Eurostat released a new dashboard featuring the Euro indicators as well as a new Eurostatistics Statistics Explained article, which replaces the previous Eurostatistics publication in PDF format.

The Eurostatistics article gives a picture of the macroeconomic situation in the euro area, EU and the Member States showing the relevant indicators of production, demand, labour and prices, as well as an overview of the international context. It also includes a visualisation tool providing additional indicators along with text explanations for the data showcased and interactive graphs linked to the source data. The article and the visualisation tool will be updated monthly.

The new Euro indicators dashboard gives users the opportunity to explore the data in an interactive and intuitive way. It offers a range of helpful possibilities and features, such as:

  • Displaying data in a line chart view or switch to data table view
  • Customising the country selection to show one or several EU Member States and EFTA countries of your choice, together with the Euro area and the European Union
  • Choosing between different statistical units
  • Getting an overview of the trend of the main Euro indicators and  diving into more detail for each of the eight topics showing additional indicators
  • Analysing the development of several indicators in small line charts alongside each other and expanding individual line charts for a more detailed view
  • Customising the time series of indicators in an expanded line chart view and quickly reading the definition of an indicator
  • Obtaining upcoming release dates by consulting the linked Euro indicators release calendar
  • Accessing the underlying source dataset for each indicator to download data
  • Sharing the dashboard or customised interactive graphs on social media

The data in the dashboard is continuously updated when fresher data becomes available.

Discover the Euro indicators dashboard now:

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