The McKinsey Week in Charts

Lives lost, livelihoods disrupted


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis. In a recent episode of The McKinsey Podcast, Sven Smit, senior partner and chair of the McKinsey Global Institute, talks with Lucia Rahilly, global editorial director, about some of the potential effects of ongoing war and uncertainty in Ukraine.



For more, go to “The rising toll of the war in Ukraine,” March 30, 2022.



What’s driving the semiconductor market


With chip demand set to rise over the coming decade, the global semiconductor industry is poised to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. About 70  % of growth is predicted to be driven by the automotive (particularly electric vehicles), data storage, and wireless industries.



To read the article, see “The semiconductor decade: A trillion-dollar industry,” April 1, 2022.



Onward and upward

After a year of pandemic-driven turbulence, private markets fundraising rebounded to new heights. Fundraising was up by nearly 20 % year over year to reach a record of almost USD 1.2 trillion. Growth in North America (22 %) was particularly fast, outpacing both Europe (17 %) and Asia (13 %).


To read the report, see “McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review,” March 24, 2022.



Experiencing some turbulence


The pandemic has been tough on the aviation industry. In 2020, most subsectors—including airports, original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of aircraft, and catering operations—reported massive losses. The exceptions: freight forwarders and cargo airlines, which benefited from a rise in demand for air cargo.



To read the article, see “Taking stock of the pandemic’s impact on global aviation,” March 31, 2022.



A USD 247 billion opportunity


Going virtual could equate to a big shift in spending in healthcare services. Consumers continue to embrace virtual health, and with ongoing investment in innovation, we estimate that around $250 billion in outpatient spend could potentially be shifted to virtual settings for home health services, office visits, and urgent care.



To read the article, see “The next frontier of care delivery in healthcare,” March 24, 2022.



Follow the tech leaders


Companies with tech leaders involved in business strategy tend to have higher performing IT organizations. According to our survey of technology and business leaders, 73 % of respondents at top-performing companies say that their most senior tech leaders are highly involved in shaping company-wide strategy. Only 31 % of other respondents say the same—a gap that’s more than twice as big as it was in 2020.


To read the article, see “Prioritising technology transformations to win,” March 24, 2022.



Big deal? Focus on revenue growth


Companies pursuing large M&A deals can increase their chances of success by considering one of a few actions, such as focusing on revenue growth. The top-half performers in our research, for example, used large deals to grow revenues but also saw improved margins and dividend changes. The bottom-half companies saw no sales growth, despite their large acquisitions, and saw their margins deteriorate.



To read the article, see “The flip side of large M&A deals,” March 25, 2022.


Growth engine no more?


As the automotive sector shifts toward electric vehicles (EVs), the growth of many internal combustion engine (ICE) product lines could see double-digit declines. Our article breaks down how ICE-component suppliers can maximize value over the next decade.


To read the article, see “ICE businesses: Navigating the energy-transition trend within mobility,” March 14, 2022.



A new funding stream

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides USD 550 billion in new funding to rebuild core infrastructure in the US. While USD 100 billion is allotted to fixing roads, highways, and bridges, a historic amount of funding will be devoted to providing greater access to clean water and the removal of lead pipes.



To read the article, see “Here comes the 21st century’s first big investment wave. Is your capital strategy ready?,” March 18, 2022.