Bed clothes – Recycled polyester with an excellent degree of whiteness

By guest author Sibylle Michel, Editor-in-Chief of Textile Network.

Through extensive research, Dibella has succeeded in finding a way to completely replace conventional polyester with recycled polyester.

Dibella’s top sellers are now available with the recycled polyester on request. Dibella thus gives its customers the opportunity to act in a much more resource-conserving way in terms of the circular economy – with the same quality and an excellent whiteness of the linen. A good sales argument vis-à-vis the hotel industry and a particularly important step on the way to a more sustainable future.

One of the reasons for the success of Dibella linen is the special material composition. The combination of 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester offers guests all the comfort properties of cotton, such as a particularly pleasant and natural feel on the skin and very good moisture absorption. For the laundry, the polyester content means faster drying and generally more optimal process properties as well as longer durability.