Ranking: Top 10 most popular shopping streets in Europe

Captions courtesy by Retail Gazette
  • Covent Garden was rated the most popular shopping street in London based on daily footfall, online reviews, Google searches and Instagram posts
  • London emerged as the most popular shopping city as Oxford Street and Regent Street also ranked in the top 10

Covent Garden has topped a ranking of Europe’s top shopping streets, with London taking three spots in the top 10.

Oxford Street took third place and Regent Street was sixth in the ranking.

The research, compiled by Unidays, used four big indicators of popularity: daily footfall, TripAdvisor reviews, monthly Google searches and images using its hashtag on Instagram, with Covent Garden scoring 90 out of a possible 100.


Despite Oxford Street taking the top spot in terms of daily footfall, Covent Garden was the shopping destination that was most Instagrammed, most Googled and most reviewed on TripAdvisor.

Covent Garden was found to have almost 1.5 million photos with the hashtag #CoventGarden on Instragram, and was searched for almost 150000 times on Google each month.