Suominen launches its first carbon-neutral nonwoven Biolace® Zero


Finland’s Suominen launches a carbon-neutral nonwoven, Biolace® Zero. Suominen’s Biolace® Zero is a new carbon-neutral nonwoven substrate based on Lenzing’s Veocell lyocell fibers for infant, personal care, and household wipes applications.

The nonwoven is highly soft, 100% biodegradable, compostable, and plastic-free, with great wet and dry strength.

ClimatePartner has certified Biolace Zero and Veocel as carbon neutral, based on the nonwoven’s greenhouse gas emissions from raw material manufacturing to the customer’s production plant. Emissions are reduced and offset through carbon offset programs that are certified.

European climate law mandates that greenhouse gas emissions and removals inside the European Union be balanced by 2050, with the goal of reaching zero emissions beyond that. The nonwovens sector as a whole still employs a lot of fossil-based materials and uses a lot of energy in the manufacturing process. Decarbonization of the nonwovens supply chain, as well as collaboration across the value chain, may take many years.

Noora Rantanen, Suominen’s sustainability and marketing manager, said that they’re able to support their clients with their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets with this new carbon-neutral product.

Jürgen Eizinger, senior commercial director at Lenzing, said that in Europe, there has been a recent industry-wide shift towards carbon neutrality, with many companies changing to an eco-friendly business model. With Veocel, they hope to meet the growing demand for products in Europe from brands and consumers.