PANGAIA launches Infinite tee made with 100% Infinna™



London-based material science innovator, PANGAIA, and circular fashion and textile technology group, Infinited Fibre Company, have released the world’s first shirts manufactured from Infinna™, a revolutionary textile fibre made exclusively from textile waste. This is the first time a shirt made entirely of Infinna™, a regenerated textile fibre with the soft and natural look and feel of cotton, will be offered for purchase.

The capsule will be available through PANGAIA Lab, the company’s discovery platform that integrates sophisticated technology into lifestyle goods, allowing consumers to wear the future now. By proving that materials manufactured from 100 % recycled fibres don’t sacrifice look or feel, the capsule will keep textile waste out of landfills and make textile circularity an everyday reality.

Along with this first release, PANGAIA and Infinited Fibre Company announce a multi-year sales agreement. PANGAIA Science, the brand’s B2B platform, will offer Infinna™, which puts groundbreaking textile technologies and patents into the world through crucial goods and collaborations.

Infinna™ is made from cotton-rich textile waste that is molecularly broken down such that the cotton’s cellulose can be collected and regenerated as new fibres. Infinna™ is biodegradable and keeps biomass in circulation because it is formed of cellulose, the building block of all plants. The long-term goal of the technique is for clothes created with it to be recycled with other textile waste in the same process.

Craig Smith, PANGAIA Research and Development Director, said that PANGAIA is always looking for new ways to utilize waste streams, and Infinna™ reimagines how they can recycle and manage textile waste. This first capsule proves that elegant items produced entirely of recycled fibres are possible. They’re approaching a new era of breakthrough circularity advancements, and this launch ushers in a new era of textile recycling.

Kirsi Terho, Infinited Fibre Key Account Director, said that they envision a future in which ‘waste’ is not wasted but seen as a valuable resource. Pangaia is blazing a trail in the development of circular materials to replace virgin resources. They’re overjoyed that their customers will be the first to wear a shirt made entirely of textile waste that has been cleansed and broken down at the molecular level in order to be reborn as brand new textile fibres. They aim to shift the perception of regenerated textiles as inferior, and they are certain that this collection will do so.

PANGAIA Lab is a platform that continues the brand’s focus on finding and supporting the most innovative innovations in materials science – with the discovery and testing of lab-tested firsts – and is housed within the PANGAIA website. The graphic of the PANGAIA Lab Powered By Infinited Fibre goods is inspired by circularity, and “Infinite Tee” is emblazoned on both versions. The limited-edition items will be available exclusively on beginning April 5. A black t-shirt (USD 75) and long sleeve t-shirt (USD 85) are part of the new collection.