The McKinsey Week in Charts

China makes, the world takes

If you’re a logistics provider, chances are 2021 was a profitable year. Amid the pandemic, spending shifted from services to goods—many of them made in China—for example, to upgrade their homes and convert their living spaces to offices. Shipping volumes in China soared across all modes last year, including road freight, container, and air freight.

To read the article, see “Five things to know about the Chinese logistics market heading into 2022,” February 25, 2022.


Risk abounds. How ready are companies?

We asked European leaders in eight industries about the relevance of various risk types and other characteristics to their companies. They gave a slight nod to digital and technological risk over other types. And most agreehat their foresight capabilities, through techniques such as scenario planning, could use improvement.

To read the article, see “Financial institutions and nonfinancial risk: How corporates build resilience,” February 28, 2022.


A used-car conundrum

The transition to electric mobility has accelerated in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. There are a few potential speed bumps, though: 40 percent of all used vehicles exported globally end up in Africa. Used vehicles tend to be more affordable—on average a used passenger car in Kenya and Nigeria costs $6,000 to $10,000, for example—but they often run on internal combustion engines (ICEs). Our article explores how electric vehicles (EVs) could scale in the region.

To read the article, see “Power to move: Accelerating the electric transport transition in sub-Saharan Africa,” February 23, 2022.


Keep in touch

Sixty years after the world first heard about “power by the hour,” aftermarket services is still an underexplored sourced of revenue for many companies. From software and spare parts to additional services and extended warranties, these aftermarket opportunities are worth billions. Consider medical technologies, where companies that successfully accelerated services have dramatically boosted enterprise values.

To read the article, see “Five digital and analytics battlegrounds for B2B aftermarket growth,” February 17, 2022.


Taking carbon out of carmaking

Road transport is a huge contributor to global emissions of greenhouse gases. To keep pace with the broad effort to limit warming to 1.5 degrees C, the sector is moving quickly to embrace a set of changes across its products and processes.

To read the article, see “Mobility’s rebound: An industry recovers, but where is it heading?”, December 20, 2021.