Peer review report on Finland now online

Eurostat is pleased to announce that the third peer review report within the third round of European Statistical System (ESS) peer reviews – the peer review report on Finland – is now publicly available on Eurostat’s dedicated web page.

The report has been published following the peer review visit in Finland, which took place physically between 8-12 November 2021 at the Institute of Statistics Finland, and was implemented by a dedicated team of four experts, including one from Eurostat.

The peer reviews of national statistical systems are conducted by external experts (from both inside and outside the ESS) and follow the same methodology. This includes the completion of self-assessment questionnaires by several statistical authorities followed by a peer review visit. The results are a peer review report containing expert recommendations for improvement, and an action plan to address these recommendations developed by the national statistical institute of the reviewed country.

The current third round of ESS peer reviews will be carried out until the end of June 2023. Eight ESS peer reviews took place from end of June to December 2021: 4 of them virtually, respectively in Lithuania, Norway, Belgium and Germany and 4 physically, in France, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. 13 peer reviews are foreseen in 2022 (Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Italy) and the remaining 10 in 2023.

For each of the 31 ESS members, the final reports and the accompanying improvement action plans will be published in due time on Eurostat’s website.

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