Fashion For Good selects 8 firms for global innovation programme e 2022

Fashion for Good has welcomed eight innovators into its Global Innovation Programme for 2022, chosen from a pool of scouted innovators from around the world. The chosen innovators will take part in a nine-month program that will help them validate their solutions in advance of their application across the fashion value chain.

Katrin Ley, managing director at Fashion for Good, said that they’re thrilled to have these eight new inventors join the Fashion for Good Innovation Program in 2022. The huge impact and carbon reduction prospects that their solutions provide motivate them. They seek to provide them with the finest support to speed their exposure and expansion into the market, with an emphasis on generating impact and execution.

The chosen innovators cover raw materials, processing, and end-of-use solutions, three key areas for considerable impact and carbon reduction prospects, as highlighted in Fashion for Good’s recent study “Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Fashion Decarbonisation Opportunity.” The paper lays out a path for the industry to achieve its net-zero goal, breaking down the capital required and mapping key levers across existing and novel technologies.

According to a news release from the company, the 2022 Innovation Programme provides customised support based on each innovator’s growth stage and aspirations, combining innovators with relevant industry partners to drive prototyping, implementation, and investing activities.

The selected innovators joining the Fashion for Good 2022 Global Innovation Program are DyeRecycle (UK), Ever Dye (France), IDELAM (France), Kintra Fibers (USA), Modern Synthesis (UK), Premirr Plastics (USA), Refiberd (USA) and Rubi (USA).