The War in the Ukraine

“With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, war has unfortunately returned to Europe and in these darkest hours we need to help Ukraine but also its neighbours who are affected. Our first emergency assistance is already being delivered. And we are, as part of EUR 500 million, urgently preparing a package of EUR 330 million to provide assistance to people both in Ukraine and those forced to flee, especially the children and the elderly. And we work on longer-term objectives, from energy security to economic recovery and resilience.”


On  February 24, 2022, the Russian armed forces launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. As a result of this unprovoked and unjustified aggression, substantial areas of the Ukrainian territory now constitute areas of war from which many persons are fleeing. Through stepping up humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, as well as financial and operational support to Member States and Moldova, the EU and its Member States are providing protection for people fleeing war in Ukraine. The EU has also reacted swiftly and decisively to Russia’s aggression by adopting severe sanctions that will have massive consequences for Russia.

The EU will continue to stand united in its solidarity with Ukraine and its people. The Commission will continue providing support, including by ensuring the adequate level of preparation and a long-term focus on delivery in all Member States and Moldova to be ready to meet the needs as they evolve.

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