More young people living in overcrowded households in EU

In 2020, the proportion of young people in the EU aged 15-29 living in overcrowded households was estimated to be almost 28 %, 1.5 percentage points (pp) higher than in 2019. Eurostat data show that this rate is almost 10 pp higher than the overcrowding rate for the population as a whole (18 %).

This article presents a handful of findings from the more detailed Statistics Explained article on young people – housing conditionsAmong the EU Member States, Romania (65%), Bulgaria (58 %), Latvia (54 %), Croatia (50 %) and Poland (49 %) registered the highest overcrowding rates for people aged 15-29, while Cyprus (4 %), Malta (6 %), Ireland (7 %), and Belgium (8 %) registered the lowest rates, all below 10 %.

Compared with 2019, 14 Member States with available data registered a decrease in the overcrowding rate, most notably Slovakia (-5.1 pp), Estonia (-2.9 pp) and Denmark (-2.7 pp). The opposite was recorded in the remaining Member States with Germany (+6.0 pp) and France (+5.6 pp) showing the highest increase in this indicator.

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