Brueckner Systems for the bonding of high-loft nonwovens and geotextiles are to be highlighted at IDEA 2022

For the bonding of high-loft nonwovens, the company will showcase its double-belt thermofusion oven (Supra-Flow BX), which was introduced in 2018, and has fewer components and circulates hot air more efficiently than its predecessor. It can be used for the production of nonwovens with thicknesses of up to 280 mm and basis weights of up to 8000 g.m² for mattresses, bedspreads, upholstery, wiping cloths, automotive components and thermal insulation. Working widths vary between 2400 and 5200 mm at production speeds of up to 100 m.min–1.

For the production of geotextiles, the company will discuss its Power-Frame stenter. The stenter is designed to ensure the homogeneous admittance of heated air to the fabric across the whole length and width of the machine. Further, the fabric can be stretched in a targeted manner by transporting it in the stenter chain, which can influence the width of the fabric, the orientation of its fibres and its shrinkage.

Brückner Textile Technologies can be found at Booth 4101 at IDEA 2022, which takes place on 28–31 March in Miami, Florida, USA.