Swiss Foreign trade in the suction of price developments

In the first month of 2022 the development of Foreign Trade was contradictory. Wheras the exports (seasonally adapted) were decreasing by 1.6 %, the imports were growing by markedly 7.0 %. Contradictory were also prices. Import prices increased contrary export goods were totally down, thus instead of the normal deficit resulted a surplus of CHF 2.2 billion.

Exports of Machinery and Electronics increased by a tenth. Deliveries to trhe United Kingdom grew by 22.5 %, export of watches registered the third monthly minus en suite.  Exports to the USA sank by a fifth.

Total Swiss Exports in January 2022 amounted to 20898 million or nnominally -1.5 %, and real + 2.3 %. Total imports amounted to 18688 million, thius a pluis of 7.0 % nominally, and in real terms resultet -0.7 %.

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear were exported in January 2022 in the value of CHF 394 million, CHF 12 million less than in December of 2021, thus nominally -2.9 %, and in real terms -3.6 %. The imports in the first month of 2022 amounted to CHF 985 million or less CHF 33 million or – 3.2 % nominally and in real terms -3.0 %.

These figures derive from the Swiss Custom’s Authorities.