Workplace Fairness is Dedicated to Delivering Resources for Workers to Protect Their Rights

The Most Comprehensive Online Resource for Information About Workplace Rights

Workplace Fairness (WF), a national workers’ rights nonprofit organisation,  provides a valuable resource portal for workers and the community with free legal information. Workplace Fairness information helps workers and advocates protect and enforce workplace rights. These sample links from are examples on ways WF supports workplace rights.

Pursuing Legal Action:

Working with Government Agencies:

Working with Employment Lawyers:

Going to Court:

Seeking Employment:

WF Note: Support allows WF to meet the changing needs of our country’s workers by continuing to expand our online platform with new and updated resources and building new programs to help us reach more workers each year.Together, we can ensure that workers are protected and empowered. Join us in supporting America’s workforce by making a donation today. For more information about Workplace Fairness or ways to support our work, contact Lori Shuster, Resource Development Director, at