Gerhard Kränzle leaves Atelier Gardeur after safely handover to new ownership

As of March 31, 2018, Gerhard Kränzle, former majority shareholder and CEO of Gardeur, will leave the company at his own request. “In his seven and a half years at Gardeur Gerhard Kränzle initiated many pioneering changes to lead the company into a new era. Together with the highly dedicated team, he set Gardeur on a new course, focalised the brand and made very good achievements in the field of verticalisation,” says Steef Duijndam, Managing Partner at Atelier Gardeur GmbH. “Without the liquidity crisis triggered by external factors, under his management Gardeur would have very much been on the right track. We thank Mr. Kränzle for his professional and responsible handover over the past four months which has ensured that we can now continue to work with his valuable impulses and lead Gardeur to a successful future.”

In the end, the Duijndam Group was able to provide the ideal candidates to replace Kränzle. Steef Duijndam has followed the brand for many years now, and together with his partner Thomas Kültz, he will channel his longstanding experience in the textile sector into the success of the traditional brand.

The results of the first 100 days demonstrate that the Duijndam/Kültz duo is on the right track: with great personal and financial committment these two men have made procurement possible, boosted production immensely and thereby restored the brand’s ability to deliver. Already by next month Atelier Gardeur will have caught up on all production backlogs and be back on track with regular delivery cycles.

Gerhard Kränzle appreciates it has been “a major accomplishment”. “For me it was important to safely hand over the baton to the new management but now the time has come to let go. For me the brand was my professional home and my calling for over seven years – that time has now come to an end and I look forward to working in another area next year after a well-earned rest,” continues Kränzle.

Gerhard Kränzle was appointed CEO of the then heavily loss-making Gardeur GmbH in November 2010 by the owners Capcellence. When fresh Capital was required in 2012/13 Kränzle took over a majority stake in the company with the NRW.Bank as a sleeping partner enabling him to lead Gardeur into the black by 2015/2016. After longstanding inadequate liquidity presented problems Gardeur GmbH was forced to request opening of insolvency proceedings in October of last year. On 1/12/2017 Gardeur was taken over by the Duijndam Group and has since then operated under the name Atelier Gardeur GmbH.

The Mönchengladbach-based trouser specialist GARDEUR GmbH manufactures high-quality women’s and men’s trousers. At the only trouser atelier of the sector, covering all steps of trouser development – from Design through to the finished pair of trousers – are kept in house and are pooled at the company headquarters in Mönchengladbach, with an in-house team of expert designers, specialised prototype development, its own sample-making workshop, as well as a fully matured quality assurance system, all for the perfect fit. Atelier GARDEUR makes no compromises in terms of quality and sustainability in the selection of materials. The trouser specialist can reliably manage and seamlessly control all stages of production thanks to its own production sites. Perfection the way that employees live and deliver it day after day requires experience and well-founded knowledge. GARDEUR is Germany’s first trouser brand. The company was founded in Mönchengladbach in 1920 and became part of the Duijndam Group December 1, 2017.