New ownership starts with the production of StreetScooter Engineering vehicles

Odin Automotive S.à r.l., an automotive holding under the leadership of global automotive experts, has started on February 1, 2022 the production oft he first verhicles of StreetScooter Engineering (StSE) under the new Managmentteam. The verhicles will be produced on the existing StSE-Productionline in Düren, Germany and delivered to  the ex owner Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDH), this in the framework of completion of an order of 3500 verhicles, to transfer the postal delivery to an electric fleet.

This announcement is made only three weeks after announcing by Odin, the existing intellectual property rights, production lines and daughter companies of StSE in Switzerland and Japan in the official takeover. Contemporaneous with the takeover DPDHL added a supplementel mindest order of 3500 StSE vehicles and reserved itself a share of 10 % of the company.

John Burton, EVP of Operations at Odin, who has more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing as leading manager for their platforms in 12 factories in Europe and in Great Britain. Germany and Poland, as well as Vice President for Fiat-Chrysler and General Manager of the Joint Ventures of FAC with GAC in China. He was also in charge of the build-up and reorganisation of the production under the new ownership

“We are very proud to announce this step for our new organisation and the tireless team that stands behind”, declared Burton.”We knew from the very beginning, that the operational maturing of StreetScooter Engineering to allow us a first big first come advantage and today we have delivered the proof to be taken seriously that we will take advantage of this bonus”.

Odin Automotive is an automotive holding company, with collaborators in Europe, Asia and North America, working together, to facilitate the transport of persons and goods on the last mile in an emission free environment. Odin’s leadership comprises experienced managers being at the head of the automotive industry for 30 years. After the groundbreaking change in the big automotive and logistic organisation as well as the electro-verhicle start-ups and -tech they are more ready for the task, to solve the electrification equatation for commercial fleets. For further information please go to