Dive into the EU world of Statistics Explained

If you are looking for deeper data analysis on a wide range of topics, why not visit Eurostat’s Statistics Explained website?

Statistics Explained is a complete guidebook to all sorts of statistical topics, comprised of more than 900 articles that together create a user-friendly encyclopedia of European statistics, accessible to everyone. To help to navigate all terms used across themes, it also includes a statistical glossary and links to the latest data and metadata.

Statistics Explained covers a large range of themes: general and regional statistics, economy and finance, population and social conditions, industry and services, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, international trade, transport, environment and energy, and science, technology and digital society.

Statistics Explained, your guide to European statistics. Statistics Explained is an official Eurostat website presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way. Together, the articles make up an encyclopedia of European statistics for everyone, completed by a statistical glossary clarifying all terms used and by numerous links to further information and the latest data and metadata, a portal for occasional and regular users.

In the lower part of the Statistics Explained homepage, you will find the most recently published articles, and on the right-hand side, easy access to all online publications and glossaries. If you are a student or just starting to take an interest in statistics, click on the “Statistics4beginners” icon, and we will get you started in the statistical world.

Remember that the Statistics Explained website and all articles have automatic translation available, covering all 24 EU languages, making verified data and information accessible to everyone. Just go to an article, click on the blue “translate” icon in the top right-hand corner, read the disclaimer and choose the language you want.