McKinsey 2021: The year in images

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Today’s Newsletter is based upon a collection by guest authors from McKinsey and forms part of the year-end-series celebrating the best of Global Publishing in 2021. It offers insight into the elements that drive, unite and inspire us as we face the future.

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McKinsey 2021: The year in images

This collection was the result of collaborative work by Emily Adeyanju, Mike Borruso, Eliza Cooper, Torea Frey, Drew Holzfeind, Maya Kaplun, Janet Michaud, Dana Sand, Amanda Soto, Sarah Thuerk, and Nathan Wilson.

This page is part of our year-end series celebrating the best of McKinsey Global Publishing in 2021. See the full collection at “2021 year in review: Envisioning sustainable, inclusive growth.”

The year’s defining moments offer insight into the elements that drive, unite, and inspire us as we face the future.

While 2021 was marked by challenges and change, a clearer view of what’s ahead is coming into focus. Business and society are setting their sights on sustainable, inclusive growth amid the ongoing economic recovery.

But what does that look like? Art can reinforce or enhance coverage of a world in flux, so as the year draws to a close, we asked McKinsey’s designers for a view on the images that helped bring our insights to life. How do you capture, in a single photograph, the effects of the ongoing pandemic or the nuances of the Great Attrition and the talent crisis? What art best expresses the power of digital or the interplay of sustainability, inclusion, and growth?

The designers’ selections showcase some interesting new directions. Static photography remained effective in many contexts. But you’ll also see illustrations that allowed for thoughtful treatments of abstract concepts. Adding motion—through animations or using video as a storytelling device—also helped up the impact of our visuals.

Here’s McKinsey Global Publishing’s visual take on 2021. Read on for a new lens on the standout moments that made it unique.

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