Sapphire Textile Mills to launch Good Earth collection


Caption cpourtesy by Yarns and Fibers

Pakistan-based vertically-integrated textile mill, Sapphire Textile Mills, has teamed up with Good Earth Cotton, the world’s first carbon-positive and traceable cotton, to launch a collection of yarns and home interior textiles.

The collaboration responds to mounting pressure on the global textile sector to back up its sustainability claims, reduce environmental impact, and take full responsibility for its fiber choices.


According to reports, the worldwide textile industry contributes between 8 % and 10 % of global carbon emissions. The UN also believes that a major portion of these emissions originates in the raw materials stage.

Throughout its entire growth history, Good Earth Cotton sequesters more carbon than it emits, opening the way for carbon positive, traceable, and low-impact cotton cultivation around the world.

The Sapphire range includes greige, dyed, and melange yarns, as well as greige and processed fabrics for bed linens, interior design, garden and kitchen textiles, and other uses.

Director Nabeel Abdullah, said that this is a critical step for them to give accurate and timely information to their clients that are based on science and transparency.

FibreTrace, an advanced traceability solution that combines physical and digital tracing solutions, is used by Sapphire Textiles and Good Earth Cotton yarn, allowing textile brands to share the carbon positive story of their cotton products with end consumers by communicating its environmental benefits.