Groz-Beckert’s extensive service programme is now supplemented with the textile training programme

Groz-Beckert has long been supporting its customers and partners with product knowledge and basic knowledge within the textile value chain in addition to application service. Since 2012, this part of the extensive range of services has had its own name: The Groz-Beckert Academy has made it its mission to pass on knowledge, to share experiences and to make know-how and expertise accessible.

Founded in 1852, the range of services offered by Groz-Beckert now includes products along the entire textile value chain. As a partner to leading textile machine builders and users, Groz-Beckert also offers many services to support you as a partner in the world of textiles. They range from targeted application advice and laboratory services to production of small and special series, rounded off by the Groz-Beckert Academy.

Whether knitting, warp knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding or sewing – the Groz-Beckert Academy offers a comprehensive training programme,  which covers the most important textile-production and joining methods. With a combination of practice and theory, our experienced trainers pass on expert knowledge and know-how. This ensures that you are optimally equipped for your tasks in the textile world.

The Technology and Development Center (TEZ) was officially opened at the headquarters in Albstadt in July 2010. Over a usable space of around 25,000 m2, it provides Groz-Beckert with the preconditions required to design the future of textiles together with machine builders, users and partners.

The Groz-Beckert Academy and its users also benefit from the TEZ, as it offers a wide range of opportunities for designing the future of textiles – not least as a location to hold the Academy courses. You can find out more on our Website or in the brochure on the training programme 2018.

Sharing and passing on knowledge, summarizing experiences, and making knowledge and expertise accessible

The range of courses offered by the Groz-Beckert Academy includes basic, advanced and specialized trainings, all of which are held in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) in Albstadt. The Groz-Beckert Academy also offers individual training on-site at the customer.

All courses are offered in both German and English. Selected courses are also available in other languages, such as Chinese and Spanish.




Selected course highlights

Textile value chain

Would you like to gain a general overview of the textile value chain and the current business fields of Groz-Beckert? This training provides basic knowledge of the textile value chain. Read more …

Fibre theory

Are you interested in fibre technology and would like a general overview? This course provides basic knowledge on the structure, production and the function of natural and synthetic fibres. Read more…

INH Quality Management

This course is targeted at persons from sewing businesses as well as trademark owners and buying houses who would like a general overview of the Quality Management INH and its preconditions. Participants also gain specialist knowledge on the use of the Quality Management INH and the knowledge necessary for implementing Quality Management INH in their company. Read more …


Do you work with the PosiLeno® leno system and want to gain the skills and knowledge you need to help you use it correctly? Then this course is perfect for you. Read more

Technical training single jersey

This training provides detailed technical knowledge on the use of circular knitting machines. In the practical part, participants work directly at the machine and learn how to set it up and operate it. We also offer a variation of the training with a focus on “double jersey”. Read more …

You can find details of further courses on offer on our Website or in the brochure on the training program 2018.

Sock knitting technology course – new addition to the Academy program

In 2018, the Groz-Beckert Academy expanded its training program to include a sock knitting technology course.

Sock knitting in particular differs from the large circular knitting and bodysize segments in various aspects: The electronic needle selection, the loop transfer, the pendulum motion of the cylinder and the programming of the patterns are just a few examples of these differences. A good reason to give this specialist topic its own course in the Groz-Beckert Academy.

Get a general overview of sock knitting technology and find out more about the structure and technical characteristics of sock knitting machines in the theoretical part. Learn more about the corresponding needles and tools and program your own sock knitting pattern, which you can then produce in the practical part of the course on the in-house single-cylinder sock knitting machine Lonati Goal GK616F “SbyS” (stitch by stitch). You will also learn about the function and handling of the machines and the SbyS equipment for automatic closing of the point.

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