The McKinsey Week in Charts

The ship has sailed but many US shoppers won’t wait

As supply-chain woes persist, retailers are faced with waning customer loyalty this holiday season. Our recent COVID-19 US Consumer Pulse Survey unveiled that rather than wait for a replenishment of an out-of-stock item, 39 % of respondents said they switched brands, while 32 % went to another retailer.

To read the article, see “US holiday shopping 2021: Strong demand meets big challenges,” November 2, 2021.


Seeking e-commerce superstars

The bar for entry in the world of e-commerce is low, but outsize ROIs are rare.

The bar for entry in the world of e-commerce is low, but outsize ROIs are rare. Potential investors have plenty of options but they may want to consider that only 0.20 percent of digitally native brands earn more than $100 million annually.

To read the article, see “Digitally native brands: Born digital, but ready to take on the world,” October 27, 2021.

It tastes just like chicken—or beef, or pork

Ever wonder what it takes to produce cultivated meat in a lab? Wonder no more, our infographic breaks it down. Scientists start by taking small samples of animal cells and growing them in a controlled environment. Through manipulation of cell density and shaping techniques, the end product has the potential to replicate all the characteristics of conventional meat—minus the impact on the environment.

To read the article, see “Cultivated meat: Out of the lab, into the frying pan,” June 16, 2021.

Up, up, and away

15 % of the companies we surveyed successfully migrated most of their applications to the cloud on time and on budget. How did they do it? Pro tip: be prepared to pull the plug on data-center funding, even if it means paying early termination fees.

To read article, see “Cloud-migration opportunity: Business value grows, but missteps abound,” October 12, 2021.

We put out an APB on APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) rule the world of e-commerce. Every time you search for a flight, or buy pet food online, APIs connect the systems of the companies involved, to swap data quickly and efficiently. To find out where banks stand on the use of APIs, we surveyed 40 leading institutions. The top-line takeaway: banks believe they are about halfway to where they want to be.

To read the article, see “From tech tool to business asset: How banks are using B2B APIs to fuel growth,” October 5, 2021.