The Swiss Federal Council names two new board members to the Export Risk Insurance SERV (updated Dec. 20, 20229

The two new members of the board of SERV are Claudine Amstein and Claire Anne Dysli Wermeill and they will serve for the current term up to 2023.

The SERV members of the SERV Board Urs Ziswiler (Lawyer and Vice President) and Caroline Gueissaz (Engineer ETH, member) and Anne-Sophie Spérisen (Economist, member) announced there ordinary retirement as of the end of 2021. The Federal Council took note. As per January 1, 2022 and for the current term up to 2023 two new members of the board were elected. Claudine Amstein, Lawyer is director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton Vaud in Lausanne and has  as Claire-Anne Dysli Wermeille, lawyer and Head of Legal, Chiquita Brand International SAR. Etoy, a wide juridcal economic experience. The SERV Board will be reduced from nine to eight members.

Claire-Anne Dysli Wermeille
Claudine Amstein

In addition the Federal Council elected KPMG AG, Zurich as Auditors for SERVE and the period of 2022-2024.

SERV insures export businesses of Swiss organisations against payment default because of political risks or sub-credit risks. As a federal public institution SERV is offering insurance protection in addition of offers from  private credit insurers. With its offering SERV contributes to assure the international competitiveness of the Swiss Export Economy and contributes as well the protection and creation of workplaces in Switzerland.