The future of everything: What’s Next for Transportation

In the latest issue, The Future of Everything explores what’s ahead for transportation, from solar-powered vehicles to 3-D-printed bridges and the (almost) car-free city.

By guest authors from the Wall Street Staff.


The Future of Everything covers the innovation and technology transforming the way we live, work and play, with monthly issues on education, money, cities and more. This month is Transportation, online starting Nov. 3 and in print Nov 10.

Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles Are Almost Ready to Hit the Road

Start-ups from the Netherlands to California are developing cars capable of harnessing energy from the sun.

Surfers Want to Transform Your Commute With Hydrofoils

Entrepreneurs are seeking to make so-called foil boards as ubiquitous on the water as electric scooters are on land.

The Electric-Truck Battle to Come: Batteries Versus Hydrogen Fuel Cells

As long-haul trucking goes electric, vehicle makers are betting on which technology is best to replace diesel.

What a Commute in a Car-Free City Might Be Like

Bonnie’s hometown banned personal-vehicle ownership years ago. Follow along as she heads home from the office in 2040.

3-D-Printed Bridges Promise Smarter, Greener Transit Links

Building bridges is a good use for 3-D printing, proponents say, but the technology needs to scale.

Flying Motorcycles, Better E-Bikes and More Personal Transportation to Come

Advances in batteries and smart technologies are leading to safer, more planet-friendly mobility devices.

Doug Field
Why Your Car Will Become Even More Like an iPhone

Doug Field, who left Apple for Ford in September, talks about automation, Detroit vs. Silicon Valley and the way that custom subscriptions will remake the auto industry.

After Returning to the Moon, How Will Astronauts Get Around?

The lunar surface is slated to get more crowded in the coming years. What might transportation networks there look like?

Raquel Urtasun
A Former Uber Executive Takes a Fresh Approach to Self-Driving Vehicles

Waabi founder Raquel Urtasun wants to solve the puzzle of autonomous trucks without driving millions of miles in real-world tests.