18.4 % of EU population smoked daily in 2019

In 2019, 18.4 % of the EU population aged 15 years or more reported that they were daily cigarette smokers. In fact, 12.6 % of the EU population consumed fewer than 20 cigarettes per day, while 5.9 % consumed 20 or more cigarettes on a daily basis.

Across the EU Member States, the countries with the largest shares of daily cigarette smokers were Bulgaria (28.7%), Greece (23.6 %), Latvia (22.1 %), Germany (21.9  %) and Croatia (21.8 %). In contrast, the countries with the smallest shares of daily smokers were Sweden (6.4 %), Finland (9.9 %), Luxembourg (10.5 %), Portugal (11.5 %) and Denmark (11.7 %).

The proportion of smokers who consumed 20 cigarettes or more per day ranged between 1.0% in Sweden and 12.9% in Bulgaria. At the same time, the share of smokers who consumed fewer than 20 cigarettes varied between 5.3% in Sweden and 15.8% in Bulgaria.

In 2019, there were more smokers among the male population than the female population: 22.3 % of men aged 15 years old and over were daily cigarette smokers, compared with 14.8 % of women.

Bar chart: Proportion of daily cigarette smokers by sex, EU, EU Member States and EFTA, 2019, %

At country level, the proportion of men who smoked daily ranged from a low of 5.9 % in Sweden to a high of 37.6 % in Bulgaria. For women, this ranged between 6.8 % in Sweden and 20.7 % in Bulgaria. In all EU Member States, the proportion of daily cigarette smokers was higher among men than among women, apart from in Sweden and Denmark. In Sweden, the share of men who smoked daily was 0.9 percentage points (pp) less than the share of daily female smokers, while in Denmark the proportion of male smokers who smoked daily was 0.1 pp less than the share of daily female smokers.

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