The McKinsey week in Charts

Satellites live long. Who prospers?

Commercial trips to space continue, with William Shatner as the most recent suborbital space guest on a Blue Origin mission. Meanwhile, governments and private companies plan to launch as many as 70000 satellites, adding to existing space debris that will remain there for up to hundreds of years without deorbiting efforts.

To read the article, see “Look out below: What will happen to the space debris in orbit?,” October 1, 2021.

Secondhand style is in

During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom bought and sold fashion and family items (such as toys) the most. Check out the interactive to see what other items were purchased via online C2C platforms.

To read the article, see, “C2C e-commerce: Could a new business model sell more old goods?,” September 23, 2021.

Put a ring on it

Our research shows that leaders who commit to organizational health measures have a 35 % higher total returns to shareholders (TRS) over an 18-month period compared with those that don’t. Organisational health matters in successful transformations.

To read the article, see “Banking on the soft stuff,” September 23, 2021.

Banks: Stuck in the middle

After some big stock-market gyrations, banks may be wondering whose company they’re keeping. Market leaders have captured all of the rise in the sector’s market cap since March 2020. Some underperformers have had a year to forget. The vast majority are stuck in the middle, their valuations essentially unchanged.

To read the article, see “Capital markets’ message to financial institutions: Differentiate or perish,” September 28, 2021.

Rule, Britannia

We studied the top 1000 European tech start-ups founded after 2000 in 33 countries. The United Kingdom, Germany, and France were the most hospitable locales. But other factors played a role, including network effects, scale, product design, and technology. See our article for more on what’s been working, and what’s to come.

To read the article, see “Winning formula: How Europe’s top tech start-ups get it right,” August 18, 2021.