Services represented 73% of EU’s total GVA

In 2020, services were the largest economic activity in the EU measured in terms of gross value added (GVA) generated. Services accounted for 73 % of the EU’s total GVA, followed by industry and construction (25 %) and agriculture (2 %).

In all EU countries, services had the biggest weight in the economy, varying between 58 % in Ireland and 87 % in Luxembourg. At the top of the list, following Luxembourg, were Malta (85 %) and Cyprus (84 %), while Poland (66 %), as well as Czechia and Slovenia (both 64 %), came at the other end of the scale, before Ireland (58 %).

Industry and construction-related activities had significant weights in the economies of Ireland (41 %), Czechia (34%), Slovenia (33 %), Poland and Slovakia (both with 31 %).

Data show that agriculture represented only a small part of the GVA, with the highest shares recorded in Greece and Latvia (both 5%) as well as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Lithuania (all 4%). On the other end, agriculture had the lowest share of the total GVA in countries like Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium and Germany where it stood below 1%.

These data are presented in the ‘Economy and business’ section of the recently published ‘Key Figures on Europe – 2021 edition’. 

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