Swarovski reforms allow in October the start of a new era

Important settings of the course are terminated allowing a contemporary and up to date structure of the group and its management.

During the past months it was worked intensively at the far reaching reform of the legal structure and corporate governance.

The family Swarovski took a joint effort to successfully transform these important details and to allow a new era for the group of companies.

The structural realignment of Swarovski continues according to plan and will be shaped in the coming months. The currrent transformation process provides – among other subjects – the consequent separation of control and leadership roles in a family enterprise. Therefore Robert Buchbauer (SEO) and Mathias Magreiter (CFO) will in October leave the operational management, but will assist the future auf the enterprise and serve on the Board.

Besides of the professionalisation of the structures there is an opening for qualified, independent personalities as members of the diverse organs, another key subject of the structural reforms. Thus results also a possibility to manage a family independent leadership of the enterprise. In the future there will be serving an external, independent and professional management team, the Board newly constituted and extended by independent members.