International cooperation in Textile Design

To get to know textile techniques from Finland

By  Sibylle Michel

Students in the area of textile design can profit of a new European cooperation of the University of Osnabrück with partner institutuions  in Finland and the Netherlands.

Insights in the lace technique how it is tradition in the finnish Rauma. Craft Education from Finnland in the future should inspire the teaching curriculum of the University Osnabrück © Lucia Schwalenberg

The project «Craft Educationa nd makerspaces” is subject of experience and ideas exchange around the mediation of textile techniques. The planned cooperation between the Universities Rovaniemi, Turku, Helsinki, Finnland, and Osnabrück as well as the textile research centre in Leiden, Netherlands, will be assisted by the  Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture in the framework of “INTENSIVinternational”.

“The aim of the plan is to integrate textile culture and present visibly as part of the cultural heritage. In addition we would like to reinforce participatory educational options for passing on of textile techniques” states the initiator Prof. Dr. Bärbel Schmidt, professor for textile and clothing siences and their didactic at the University Osnabrück.

Lifelong learning through Makerspaces

During a several days research trip at the beginning of the project, Schmidt was subjected to various contemporary and historic textile cultures in Finland, such as leather and wool processing of indigenous Samen north of the polar circle, colourful Ranuus (Covers) from Lapland or the lace techniques in the World Heritage site of Rauma, to identify themes for future courses for student teachers at Osnabrück.

Prof Schmidt was impressed by the creative Makerspaces: “The Nordic countries have a particular comprehension far over education on Craft Education. Particularly the Craft Education in Makerspaces, open for all interested. Lifelong learning is live das generations, cultural and cross disciplinary education concept. Such Makerspaces would also enrich enormously Osnabrück, states the textile expert.

The project «Craft Education and Makerspaces” should within the next months sound out joint cooperation possibilities for teacher training.