All eyes on quality of European Statistics

There is an ocean of information, facts and statistics out there. But how can you be sure these are accurate and have not been manipulated?

Don’t worry: We at Eurostat can help you!

Our mission is to offer you “high-quality statistics and data on Europe”.

But do you know how we assure the quality of our statistics or what are the standards and frameworks that are applied and followed? Have you ever heard about the “European Code of Practice” or the “peer reviews”?

Answers to all of these questions and many more interesting facts can be found in our website section on ‘Quality’.

We have recently improved this section to provide you a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of Eurostat’s work on quality, including videos, infographics as well as FAQs and the latest news on the on-going peer reviews.

Don’t wait and have a look now: 

Website section: Quality of European statistics

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