McKinsey’s week in Charts

COVID-19 hospitalisations: Where we are now

Hospitalisations from COVID-19 have risen recently. Clicking through data from the week of August 22, 2021 for the United States, United Kingdom, and France, we can see more precisely how hospital admissions compare with long-term averages of other public-health threats.

To read the article, see “COVID-19: A comparison with other public-health burdens,” September 8, 2021.

R&D ramp up: Investments expected to intensify in China

Chinese companies have strong commercial and political incentives to reduce their reliance on overseas innovation performance for the core technologies in their products. In our 2021 China Product Development survey, some 80 % of respondents expect the increase in the R&D intensity of Chinese companies to exceed global industry averages.

To read the article, see China’s digital R&D imperative,” August 16, 2021.

Why women are hanging up their hardhats

Women across tenures report having few opportunities for advancement in the mining industry and lack of intellectual challenge, causing many to leave the industry entirely. Results of our recent global study also showed that sponsorship programs for women in the field are insufficient.

To read the article, see “Why women are leaving the mining industry and what mining companies can do about it,” September 13, 2021.

Short sprints for big reductions

Shifting to agile ways of working could be a boon for manufacturing. One paper production company using short sprints across multidisciplinary teams saw improved efficiency and reductions in chemical use in less than a month.

To read the article, see “Tapping digital’s full potential in pulp and paper process optimisation,” August 24, 2021.

Everyone’s a critic

Well, not everyone. We tracked residents’ satisfaction with transport systems and their affordability. People seem to appreciate the investment their cities have made, but in a few cases, their perceptions may not be aligned with reality. Most citizens feel that public transport is too expensive in their cities. Seoulites, for example, are dissatisfied despite their city’s highly affordable transport system.

To read the article, see “Building a transport system that works: Five insights from our 25-city report,” August 11, 2021.