Finland: EU country with highest share of asthmatics

In 2019, asthma affected almost 6 % of the EU population, a small increase compared with 2014 (+0.3 percentage points).

Among EU countries, Finland stood on the top of the list, with 9 % of the people reporting to have asthma, followed by Germany and France (both 8 %). In contrast, only 2 % of people in both Romania and Bulgaria reported having this disease.

Compared with 2014, Germany (+1.9 percentage points (pp)), Croatia (+1.8 pp), and Belgium (+1.5 pp) saw the number of people reporting to have asthma go up the most in 2019. On the other hand, Ireland (-1.7 pp), Greece (-1.1 pp) and France (-1.0 pp) registered the biggest decrease in people reporting this disease. 

As in 2014, more women than men reported having asthma (6 % vs. 5 %) in 2019. The highest share of reported asthma among both sexes and all age intervals was found in women 65 and above (7). 

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