Interview with Cornelia Colombini, the new staff member of Swiss Crealet

Ms. Colombini, you succeeded Claudia Berchtold at Crealet AG at the beginning of July 2021. Claudia coordinated and organised for Crealet in Eschenbach for almost 18 years and was the first point of contact for customers and partners.

You yourself bring with you a broad and longstanding experience in the international steel and metal industry and in the medical sector. Tell us something about your professional experience and the differences – or similarities – compared to your current role at Crealet.

The current function at Crealet requires an all-rounder who is well-versed in all areas.

In previous positions, for example in the steel and metal industry, I was responsible for purchasing and internal sales, where my language skills in French, Italian and English were also put to good use.

The difference to my previous activities is that at Crealet there are more special cases. In addition, the tasks are more extensive, as my functions also include overseas exports and, in addition, financial accounting and human resources.

The similarities: the technical environment and customer support from A-Z (inquiry to delivery).

The weaving industry is actually steadily on the rise. More and more products for everyday use, such as training shoes, are being made from woven materials. In high-tech industries such as the automotive industry, geotextiles, and many other applications, including space research, the highest quality of woven fabrics is the order of the day. Crealet enables many manufacturers around the world to optimise and refine their woven fabric products and to manage and control production much more effectively.

How does it feel to be the coordinator between internal and external processes at a market leader?

It is a new challenge for me, which is very exciting, varied and interesting. I must admit, initially I was not fully aware of how versatile the weaving industry is and where its products are used, such as in medicine, aircraft construction, sports or for technical textiles.

It feels great and I suddenly see woven materials everywhere, also in everyday life.

How do you spend your free time?

As a nature-loving Grisonian, I spend my free time with sports, be it hiking, biking, or ski touring. This is an important balance to the job, because there I can refuel energy. But also, the musical and creative may not come too short, such as singing, painting or cooking.