Swiss trading activities were growing in August 2021

Swiss trading activities in August 2021 were growing (exports/imports). Eports increased 2.1 % against July 2021 and imports by 1.2 %. The differing speed between exports and imports were leading to another record surplus in the balance of trade (CHF 4465 million).

Total Swiss exports amounted to CHF 20910 million and imports to 16445 million.

Seasonally adjusted textiles, clothing and footwear reached in August an export volume of CHF 384 million or CHF 10 million less than in July 2021. Nominally  this results reflects a decrease of 2.5 % and in real terms of 2.6 %.

On the other hand, imports of textiles, seasonally adjusted, clothing and footwear amounted in total to CHF 978 million in August 2021 or CHF 30 million more than in July. Clothing had a share in total of CHF 635 million (CHF -14 million against July), and footwear of CHF 170 million (CHF +4 million against July).

These figures are based upon the official data of the Swiss Custom Authorities.