Launched at Milan Fashion Week: the Shoe for the Third Millennium – Style, Comfort and Sustainability

MFW 2018 – Fashion Hub, 20-26 February 2018

The eco-designer Tiziano Guardini, winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Award 2017, selects the new concept by Santoni & Fulgar as the key accessory for his Sustainable Collection.

Made by Santoni, the leading producer of seamless machines, the shoe displays futuristic lines,  and a seamless upper made entirely of bio-based Evo® yarn by FULGAR.

This innovative model is based on the most cutting edge textile science, a combination of X MACHINE technology developed by Santoni enabling the production of a one-piece upper with seamless and “no waste” technology and EVO® yarn by Fulgar derived from the castor oil plant, with thermal properties and natural bacteriostatic agents, super stretch performance and exceptional breathability.

A perfect mix for footwear that offers maximum comfort and unique performance while respecting the natural world.

This concept is set to revolutionise the footwear industry, also with applications in combination with a rubber sole to create 100% bio footwear.

The X MACHINE technology will was launched at the same time as the Milan Fashion Week at the SIMAC fair in Milan (February 20-22, 2018 – Milano Fiera RHO Santoni stand L40 Pavilion 18).


The collaboration between the two market leaders Santoni S.p.A. and Lonati S.p.A. has resulted in the innovative X MACHINE, which makes it possible to weave countless intarsia knit articles and create seamless uppers. The machine enables the different areas to be mapped according to the type of yarn used and the various combinations chose so the final product is ready for the application of the sole, the final phase of production for the shoes. The almost unbelievable production times (from five to seven minutes per item) and the quality, reliability and ease of use also enable costs to be minimised. The uppers have a unique shape with specific areas for the countless designs and colour combinations, including three-dimensional areas and lace holes. The X MACHINE offers an infinite number of possibilities for patterns and colour combinations, is entirely electronic and includes a revolutionary inlay system for the needles that enables the production of unusual 3D patterns.

EVO® by Fulgar

With EVO®, Fulgar is introducing a new way of making yarn, with a perfect combination of performance and environmental awareness. An innovative bio-based yarn based on years of research and a study of the highest engineering standards, in the context of production, the environment and social concerns. EVO® by Fulgar is derived from the castor oil plant, which grows spontaneously and is not a food crop. It is a totally renewable resource that does not require high volumes of water and does not take up land intended for agricultural use.

Suitable for all textile applications and an ideal sportswear solution, EVO® by Fulgar is ultralight, super stretch and highly breathable. It is quick-drying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. This series of values and distinctive benefits ensure maximum comfort and unique performance combined with an intense respect for the natural world.