Data: Streaming viewing in Europe up 19 % in Q2

Streaming TV data for Europe that shows the pandemic has spurred a tipping point in streaming with no signs of slowing down, as well as which devices are dominating the market.

Conviva’s Q2 2021 State of Streaming: Europe report shows that streaming viewing time in Europe was up 19 % overall in Q2, despite slight decreases for southern and eastern Europe, each down 1 % year over year. The broader region’s increase can be attributed to northern Europe, up 23 %, and western Europe which led in growth, up 32 %.

Additional key findings from the report:

  • While other big screens enjoyed increases in Europe, with smart TVs up 29 % , and connected TV devices up 19 % , gaming consoles decreased 11 %  in the region.
  • While 16 % of ads are missed opportunities as they went unfilled or failed to play as expected, this number has decreased significantly, down 37 % from the previous quarter.
  • The streaming show with the most cross-platform engagements on social media in Q2 was the longrunning Grey’s Anatomy which edged out Netflix’s Spanish-language drama Elite in the number two spot
  • European football leagues showed tremendous quarter-over-quarter growth up 68 %  in engagements despite only increasing videos by 2 %  and posts by 20 %.