Number and volume of Swiss Covid-19 bridging credits

The table below shows the number and volume of credits granted, regardless whether or not they have since been reimbursed. All numbers are updated regularly.

Fully repaid Covid-19 bridging credits

The table below shows the Covid-19 bridging credits fully repaid by the borrowers in the specified year, whereupon the corresponding guarantee organizations were exonerated of their Covid-19 solidarity guarantee by the lenders. Partial repayments without guarantee exoneration are not shown in the table below.

Honouring on guarantees under the Covid-19 bridging credits

The following tables provide information on the honoring of guarantees under the Covid-19 bridging loan programme, by year and by banking group. These are Covid-19 briding loans for which the banks have drawn down the guarantee and thus transferred the claims against the borrowers to the guarantee organisations. Reported here are the guarantees as reported by the guarantee organizations, which may differ from the federal government’s expenditures as reported in the government financial statements due to differences in the timing of the accounting entries.

Further analyses

The following charts illustrate distributions of Covid-19 bridging credits for a selected specification, for example by canton or by industry. These visualizations serve to provide background information and are based on data from the guarantee organizations. In order to exclude any conclusions about individual companies and to guarantee their anonymity, only aggregated data can be made available. Due to rounding, it is possible that the sum of the shares may not be 100 %.

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Status: 26.08.2020