Allbirds debuts its first sustainable activewear collection

Allbirds debuts its first sustainable activewear collectionAllbirds, sustainable footwear, and apparel company has released its first performance apparel collection, called Allbirds Natural Run Apparel.

Allbirds Natural Run Apparel consists of six items, each of which has been labeled with its Carbon Footprint, which ranges from 4.7 kg to 14.5 kg CO2e before being 100% offset to zero.

The collection is constructed from sustainable natural materials such as eucalyptus tree fiber and Merino wool and is the result of two years and more than 70 iterations. Thousands of hours of testing revealed that the Natural Legging met industry standards for breathability, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and comfort stretch, with the Natural Legging proving to be up to two times more breathable than leading synthetic pairs on the market.

With the debut of its first running shoe manufactured from renewable natural material in April of last year, the business entered the performance market.

The Dasher was also the first Allbirds product to include a tangible Carbon Count label, after the company’s announcement that it will label all of its goods with a carbon footprint, with the goal of motivating customers to “to start thinking about carbon the same way they do calories.”

In addition to the Natural Legging, the Natural Bike Short, Natural Run Form Tank, Natural Run Tank and Tee, and Natural Run Short are also part of the collection.

Allbirds said that they have packed Natural Run Apparel full of quality natural fibers, created with carbon conscience in mind as they do with all of their goods. They spend their R&D resources towards producing low-emission natural alternatives while prioritising recycled materials to fill in the gaps, unlike other sportswear manufacturers that put their innovation power into oil-based plastic or fallback to off-the-rack synthetic material blends. Of course, they’re not perfect, which is why they’re working hard to achieve their 2025 objective of using 75 % natural or recycled materials in everything they create, including this collection.