Swiss internationally active UBS Bank brings 12000 developers in the Cloud together

Swiss UBS has consolidated its development environments within the framework of a cooperation with the platform operator GitLab, thus 12000 developers will programme the private cloud of UBS.

By guest author Mark Schroeder from Computer World Switzerland

UBS at Zurich Paradeplatz

Around a year ago, UBS entered a cooperation with the development platform GitLab. Now the Group Chief Technology Officer Rick Carey states: Instead of the up to now diverse 12 development environments only one will be in operation. All around 12000 software-engineers will newly develop the «DevCloud».

With «DevCloud» BS has realised within a year its own “DevOps”-Platform on the base of the GitLab-Technology. Their will be operating programmers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) together to develop shorter development cycles, including quicker launch and installation of new software and quicker reaction times of troubleshooting. “At UBS exists the phrase that all developers wait with the same speed, thus all measures to reduce waitingtime will create added value. With GitLab this goal can be reached. Our developer should be in a position to create cloud native applications on the clout-native plattform and at the same make an optimal developer experience. This was our aim, says Carey.

On the new platform software-engineers perform cloud applications, as well as conventional banking applications, declares the UBS Chief Technologiy officer in a recorder Videocall. Within six months resulted one million Builds.