Swiss external trade – Plant based oil imports: Olive oil was on demand as never before

The Swiss imports of olive oil are booming: Over the past 20 years these increased from 7847 to 19090 tonnes. In value and because of the high prices the imports represented CHF 101.5 million for this foremost plant based imported oil. Half of the olive oil stems from Italy.

2020 Switzerland imported 19090 t of olive oil, meaning an increase of one fourth in one year. The imports reached a value of CHF 101.5 million thus exceeding for the first time ever the 100 million mark. A long term review shows that olive oil is more often on demand and the imports show a growth path for years. Within 20 years these increased 2.5 times.

Development of Swiss Olive Oil imports 2000 – 2020

The dominant supplier of olive oil in 2020 was also Italy. From the neighbour country derived half of the supplies. Also Spain contributed with three tenth an important share. Its buying prices on imports were comparatively low (CHF 3.60 per kg). The top 3 joined Greece with a share of one tenth. Greece and Italy registered average prices of CHF 6.10 – CHF 6.30 per kg.

Swiss Import prices 2020 of selected plant based oils

Olive oil was four times dearer then sunflower oil

Even the olive import was booming, the prices remained despite volatile development (among other thins in connection with the outside value of the EUR) long time stable. In the past year a kilogramme olive oil costed as import an average price of CHF 5.30 and was “cheap” as the last time in 2012. However olive oil remains top rider in view to the import price. Other plant based edible oil prices varied in 2020 on average between CHF 0.90 and 1.90 per kilogramme.

As to value olive oil is the most in demand on imports. The volume topped the price worthy sunflower oil (average price CHF 1.30 per kg), and in 2020 the imports settled at a volume 44970 t. However, the import of sunflower oil and on the long run is developing slowly (average growth rate 2010 – 2020: 0.6 %)