The McKinsey week in Charts

All alone

People of colour in fashion often feel like they do not belong. Black employees in particular say they have a range of difficult feelings associated with being at times the only Black person in the room.

To explore the interactive, see “Voices and viewpoints of fashion students and emerging designers,” July 20, 2021.

HBCUs propel grads up the American economic ladder

Graduates of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) climb the economic ladder at rates well above those of their non-HBCU-graduate peers. HBCU graduates are 51 percent more likely to move into a higher-income quintile than graduates of non-HBCUs. Moreover, the economic mobility rate for HBCUs is nearly double that of all US colleges.

To read the article, see “How HBCUs can accelerate Black economic mobility,” July 30, 2021.

Mental health stigma persists

Experience matters. In surveys conducted by McKinsey’s Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare, about a quarter of respondents who have little experience with behavioral-health issues indicated they would be willing to work closely with someone who has a substance-use disorder or mental health issue. Those figures climbed by more than 65 % among respondents who are familiar with behavioral-health conditions.

To read the article, see “Overcoming stigma: Three strategies toward better mental health in the workplace,” July 23, 2021.

Four essentials for hybrid work

During the pandemic, about 50 % of the companies in our dataset increased performance, while the rest saw no meaningful change or decreases. The top performers were also more likely to see performance gains across the board and not just for some teams. The most productive even witnessed a 48-percent increase in employees’ job satisfaction. We call the top performers “Organisational Resilients.” They did four things differently during the pandemic.

To read the article, see “Return as a muscle: How lessons from COVID-19 can shape a robust operating model for hybrid and beyond,” July 9, 2021.

Sales soared–if you had the goods online

Retailers saw business go up during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all subsectors of the industry had success. Business apparel purchases plummeted while home renovation and décor companies saw consumers adding to their digital carts. Regional differences were at play, too: Chinese and US companies captured three-fourths of retail’s market-cap growth.

To read the article, see “Why retail outperformers are pulling ahead,” July 8, 2021.