Modest Fashion Day comes to Russia’s Kazansummit

The annual economic summit in Kazan, a city in Russia’s Muslim-majority republic of Tatarstan, aims to foster Russian-Islamic co-operation, and this year’s event saw fashion on the agenda with “Modest Fashion Day”, an event sponsored by the Russian Fashion Council.

By guest author by Daria Labutina from Business of Fashion

Designers Valentin Yudashkin, Igorgulyaev, Measure, Guzelem, Sahara, Zuhat, Su.Su, AlsuGilmi, and EvaGraffova showed their modest fashion collections and two panel discussions were held, one of which focussed on developing Russia’s modest fashion infrastructure and the other on supporting young talent that can shape the future of the sector.

As part of the discussions, Dzhannat Mingazova, founder of Modest Covered and author of Fashion Iftar noted that the number of secular brands supporting the concept of modest fashion is increasing, which bodes well for the future of modest fashion.

Many participants also noted that the embrace of modest fashion has potential beyond the Muslim world.

“Modest fashion is … about people, consumers with certain mindset, values and lifestyles, [and] Muslim fashion is just one of its components,” Dilyara Sadrieva, co-founder of the Modest Russia platform, told BoF.