SDGs & me: Life below water

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14) ‘Life below water’ aims to conserve oceans by ensuring they are used sustainably. This includes safeguarding marine and coastal ecosystems, protecting at least 30 % of coastal and marine areas, as well as preventing and reducing marine pollution and the impacts of ocean acidification.

Monitoring SDG 14 in an EU context focuses on progress made in advancing marine conservation, in fostering sustainable fisheries and in ensuring healthy oceans.

How is your country doing in this regard?

The various visualisation tools in our interactive digital publication ‘SDGs & me’ will help you to easily explore and evaluate the situation of your country and compare it to others.

Select your country in the header below and choose different indicators of SDG 14, such as the share of coastal bathing sites with excellent water quality or the surface of marine sites designated under Natura 2000:

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