Crocs commit to be a net-zero company by 2030

US footwear brand Crocs has pledged to become a net-zero company by 2030. By committing to open, socially responsible, and sustainable business practices, the Colourado-based firm hopes to have a beneficial influence on the global footwear industry and the environment.

The business claimed it is nearing completion on a more sustainable bio-based Croslite material, which will be used to make the majority of its footwear. The company has also announced that it will ditch leather and will be completely vegan by the end of the year.

Crocs is also looking into methods to open up consumer-led donations, as well as re-commerce and recycling schemes. Croslite material production scrap is now recycled 45 % of the time.

In a statement, Crocs CEO Andrew Rees, said that taking action to decrease their environmental impact by introducing more sustainable processes throughout their whole business is the right thing to do for Crocs.

Rees added that they’re passionately committed to responsibility as a company, and they’re convinced that they have the right people, the right ideas, and the right partners to help them reach their net-zero objectives by 2030.