From 2019 Messe Friedrichshafen will have a new outdoor platform

In an internal voting process, a majority of members of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) have voted to hold the OutDoor trade show in Munich from 2019. This means that Messe Friedrichshafen will hold the forthcoming 25th edition of the OutDoor trade fair (June 17-20, 2018) for the last time together in the existing EOG partnership. However, the show must go on. In full independence and with support from numerous major industry players, the show organisers will be holding a new version of the trade show in Friedrichshafen from 2019

“We view the vote with great disappointment. After all, the OutDoor was born at Lake Constance and has been here for a quarter of a century. We have written a unique and successful chapter for the history of this industry,” said CEO Messe Friedrichshafen Klaus Wellmann commenting on the industry association’s vote. Looking to the future, he added, “Our location, and in particular our concept for a new direction for the leading show, has good support from many EOG members, plus backing from numerous other outdoor industry players. Friedrichshafen will continue to offer a unique trade show atmosphere, where international outdoor experts set the course for the future of the business and celebrate their commitment to the outdoors. As such, we’re nevertheless confident and well prepared to enter a new outdoor trade show era at Lake Constance from 2019.”

The show organisers’ long-standing experience with the outdoor business is geared into the development of the new concept. Support from the industry for a new, independent event is already in place. Head of OutDoor/ Eurobike Stefan Reisinger explains, “Before the vote, we had already received very positive feedback for our vision of a future outdoor show. This came from several of the 96 EOG members, and also a large number of the 869 other exhibitors who attended the 2017 show and were not part of the EOG decision. Our location and services have contributed decisively to the success of the OutDoor show. There is scepticism whether this success can simply be transplanted somewhere else. We are going to continue to offer the industry an authentic and unique home at Lake Constance.”

The Retail First Initiative which kicks off this year for 2018 marks the start of the new direction, which is closely focused on the needs of the retail trade. In addition, we are continuing to broaden how we define outdoor by strengthening the Outdoor Plus themes. In addition to the pure trade show for trade visitors and media representatives, from 2018 onwards, the trade fair is offering a new interface to the general public. On June 16 and 17, the German Bouldering Championships will be held before a live audience at Friedrichshafen in exhibition hall B5. Moreover, there will be an outdoor festival on the shores of Lake Constance with demos and sporting activities to bring the international outdoor experience to the people of Friedrichshafen and the surrounding region. The show’s organisers are now conducting talks with the industry to consolidate the new direction from 2019. Dates and Details are to be announced with this year’s OutDoor 2018.

Facts about OutDoor 2018

Bookings for the 25th OutDoor are once again at top level. Applications received by the closing date in mid-January reveal that some 900 exhibitors from more than 40 countries are attending the jubilee edition. OutDoor 2018 takes place from Sunday 17 to Wednesday 20 June 2018 in Friedrichshafen and is open to trade visitors only.