Swiss exports in 2nd Q reach new record values

Swiss external trade in the second quarter 2021, with multiple deliveries of 3.2 % new record values. After an economic slump in the early Covid pandemic it is the fourth following quarter we note a plus. Total Swiss imports continued the development of the previous quarters and increased by 3.8 %. The trade balance concluded with a surplus of CHF 11.5 billion.

Total Exports of the second quarter reached CHF 60452 million or nominally these increased by 3.2 % and total imports amounted to CH 48928 million or nominally by 3.8 %, the respective percentage in real terms for exports was 1.0 % and imports settled at 1.2 %.

Seasonally adjusted the most important groups contributing to the Swiss trade success in the second quarter were pharmaceutials chemical-pharmaceuticals, machinery and electronics, precision instruments, watches, food and beverages, metals and jewellery.

Seasonally adjusted Textile, Clothing and Footwear exports in the second quarter amounted to CHF 410 million, CHF 6 million less than in the first quarter, nominally this means  -1.5 % and in real terms -2.6 %. The imports of this categories attained CHF 3118 million or -29 million less than in the first quarter, resulting nominally -0.9 % and in real terms -0.2 %.

The imported clothing section – seasonally adjusted – amounted to CHF 2097 million or 51 million more than in the first quarter. Footwear was imported at a value of CHF 555 million, CHF 15 million more than in the first quarter, thus nominally + 2.8 %, and in real terms +2.9 %.

These are the official numbers published on July 20, 2021 by the Swiss Customs Officials.