XSYS joins forces with Nilpeter and Reproflex Scandinavia to deliver high quality flexo solutions

XSYS is pleased to announce a new supplier collaboration for 2021 with narrow web flexo press manufacturer Nilpeter and prepress specialist Reproflex Scandinavia. Leveraging the strengths of each company, the new partnership has been initiated to deliver flexo print solutions that will enable customers to produce unrivalled, high quality tags and labels. 

Demands on printers to deliver consistently high-quality print with no defects or colour variations, at lower cost and with quick delivery, continues unabated. Meanwhile, the variables inherent in the flexo process can negatively affect the outcome and quickly eat into profitability. By working closely with other leading industry suppliers, XSYS is dedicated to developing innovative and robust flexo solutions for customers to help them reach, and even exceed, their goals.

The products included in the new project comprise:

•             Plates by XSYS – The nyloflex® FTS Digital is an inherent flat top dot plate for printing flexible packaging, tags and labels on foil or paper substrates with solvent, water or UV ink. The versatile plate can be used with standard solvent processing equipment. The smooth plate surface has a very fine grain that is able to hold customized surface screening patterns. It also features AIF technology with outstanding sub-surface ink repellence to prevent ink filling, thereby keeping plates clean during print runs and allowing increased press uptime.

•             Printing by Nilpeter – the QUALITY label job was printed on a Nilpeter FA-17. The FA-17 provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and superb printing results on multiple substrates; all normal self-adhesive materials, including flexible packaging films, polymer films, metallic films, and paper. The FA’s Clean-Hand Technology minimizes hands-on press interaction, all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto register. This approach further eliminates previous manual controls; quick lock handles are replaced with touch button controls, all printing unit covers can open individually or simultaneously, and the anilox rollers have an automatic cleaning function before release. The most versatile flexo press on the market, the FA allows printers to scale and customise their press from standard to advanced, with Value-Adding Units, and various Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget.

•             Prepress by Reproflex Scandinavia – Reproflex Scandinavia covers the entire value chain from artwork, design, prepress, proofing, colour management, flexo plate and sleeves production. Flexo solutions include SoftTone+ for smooth fadeout, Ultra White for better opacity with less ink and Extended Gamut Printing (EGP). 

The results of recent print trials, carried out at Nilpeter’s technology center in Denmark, are eye-catching label samples that demonstrate what can be achieved with the right combination of best-in-class prepress, plate and printing press technology and knowledge.  

“Strong industry partnerships are essential in order to drive innovation in flexo printing, so our customers can remain competitive. The results we are presenting today clearly show the value of this collaboration, and we look forward to building on this platform over the coming months,” said Dr. Joelle Bédat, Business Development Manager OEM at XSYS.  

Following the success of the initial print trials, the partnership plans to expand the scope of the project further to address new sustainability demands.

For more information about the new XSYS division of the Flint Group, please visit www.xsysglobal.com 

Reproflex Scandinavia covers the entire value chain from design, artwork, prepress, proofing, color management to flexo plate and sleeves production. We offer individual flexo solutions, including SoftTone+, Ultra White, XPS Crystal Screen technology, Extended Gamut Printing and Remote Proofing to secure fast and reliable delivery of proof with controlled color management. Our business areas include almost all areas within the graphic process, including prepress for flexo, offset and digital printing. Flexible packaging for film, lamination and paper represents a large part of our business. Labels, Corrugated and Preprint is also an important part of product portfolio. Reproflex Scandinavia partners are mainly printing houses, but our customers also include advertising agencies, design producers and brand owners. The majority of our customers are based in Scandinavia. However, a growing number of our assignments are sent to other markets. We have 3 production facilities in Denmark and our staff consist of 90 capable and committed employees, who solve more than 30000 demanding packaging and label assignments every year. If you would like us to pay you a visit or provide advice on your next packaging assignment, please contact us: www.reproflex.dk

Formed in January 2021 as a new division of Flint Group, combining Flint Group Flexographic and Xeikon Prepress into a single division, XSYS has been designed to bring more brilliance into the packaging industry – into the lives of its customers and colleagues – using brilliant products and services for brilliant print results and business success. It combines under one umbrella such well-known flexographic and letterpress brands as nyloflex®, Xpress, nyloprint®, nylosolv®, rotec®, FlexoExpert, ThermoFlexX, Catena, Tfxx and Woodpecker, to provide a complete flexographic and letterpress prepress solution.

Headquartered Stuttgart, Germany, XSYS operates from more than 37 locations around the world and remains one of the largest global suppliers offering both flexographic and letterpress prepress solutions, including plates, sleeves, processors, workflow solutions and expert professional services designed to help these industries move forward with increasing innovation, improved productivity and profitability and a reduced environmental footprint.

Flint Group is dedicated to serving the global printing and packaging industry. The company develops, manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consumables and printing equipment, including: a vast range of conventional and energy curable inks and coatings for most offset, flexographic and gravure applications; pressroom chemicals, printing blankets and sleeves for offset printing; photopolymer printing plates and sleeves, plate-making equipment and flexographic sleeve systems; pigments and additives for use in inks and other colourant applications; Flint Group also designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing as well as platemaking equipment for the newspaper industry and computer-to-plate (CtP) solutions for the commercial printing market; With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Flint Group employs some 6500 people. Revenues for 2019 were EUR 2 billion. On a worldwide basis, the company is the number one or number two supplier in every major market segment it serves. For more information, please visit www.flintgrp.com