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Make friends with the trends

As all things digital continue to accelerate, which technology trends matter most for companies and executives? We developed a unique methodology to identify the ten trends most relevant to competitive advantage and tech investment. Click through to see the results.

To explore the interactive, see “The top trends in tech,” June 16, 2021.

Cheap eats

In less than a decade, companies have been able to reduce the production costs of cultivated meat by 99 percent. If costs follow the same trajectory as that of human genome sequencing (for which costs, on average, dropped by 45 % annually between 2001 and 2021), cultivated meat can achieve cost parity with conventional meat by 2030.

To read the article, see “Cultivated meat: Out of the lab, into the frying pan,” June 16, 2021.

One way to lift GDP substantially

Checks, ATM withdrawals, insurance payments—financial data take many forms. Countries that embrace open systems to share the data could lift GDP substantially. New McKinsey Global Institute research identified seven ways that consumers and financial firms would benefit, ranging from better access to credit for more customers to efficiencies for banks.

To read the article, see “Financial data unbound: The value of open data for individuals and institutions,” June 24, 2021.

Leaders brace for supply-chain setbacks

Economic recovery is gathering steam, but supply-chain disruptions could stand in its way. While the COVID-19 pandemic remains the biggest threat to economic growth globally, 28 % of executives in our latest McKinsey Global Survey cite supply-chain disruptions as a top risk, nearly edging out the most common threat to growth: weak customer demand.

To read the survey, see “Economic conditions outlook, June 2021,” June 29, 2021.