Extend your technology lead – Customised solutions for Warp Yarn Feeding by Swiss Crealet

A very important factor in the success of the textile industry is its innovative strength, today and in the future. See three examples of customized solutions for controlled warp yarn feeding on weaving and knitting machines.

Markets are complex systems that change rapidly. It is important for competitiveness that companies will be able to react quickly to changes or to stay ahead of time. Optimally, companies apply their innovative strategies in all areas of their business, from the product to the corporate management and culture, to the production processes.

This means that only those who have the courage to invest in new technologies have the best chance of being at the forefront in the future.

CREALET supports you

We realise customised solutions for controlled warp yarn feeding on weaving and knitting machines. For complex warp yarn feeding – consisting of several warp beams with different warp tensions – an industrial computer is used to simplify the operation. The warp yarn tension is being displayed on the graphic user interface in real time.

In the case of technical textiles for the medical and rehabilitation sector, high demands are placed on reproducibility and process reliability. For this reason, the fabric-specific data can be stored. The available data creates a completely new transparency, which allows better production control and enables new potentials in data utilisation.

Cooperation with CREALET establishes new opportunities

CREALET possesses many years of experience in electronic warp yarn feeding. Many well-known customers rely on CREALET’s high innovative strength and have thus been able to further extend their technological lead in the market.

Our customers can rely on the long-term availability of our products. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.