Workplace Fairness Receives Cy Pres Award

Workplace Fairness is pleased to announce it is the recipient of a cy pres award of $26,837 from New York law firm Raisner Roupinian LLP. Cy pres awards are court-approved awards of undistributed settlement funds from class-action lawsuits to legal aid and other non-profit organisations.

According to WF spokesperson and Executive Director, Edgar Ndjatou, “Workplace Fairness thanks Raisner Roupinian LLP. for their generosity.” According to Ndjatou, the funds will be used for making significant improvements to the WF website and upgrades to internal operations.

A national nonprofit, Workplace Fairness, advocates for workers’ rights and millions of workers in all 50 states rely on Workplace Fairness for information about their workplace rights.

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Workplace Fairness is a nonprofit organization that provides information, education and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights.

The organization’s mission is to educate workers and their advocates about workplace rights and options for resolving workplace problems and that policymakers, members of the business community and the public at large view the fair treatment of workers as both good business practice and sound public policy.

Workplace Fairness works toward these goals by:

  • Making comprehensive information about workers’ rights—free of legal jargon—readily available to workers and to advocates and organizations that assist workers;
  • Providing resources to support the work of legal services organizations, community-based organizations, law schools and private attorneys that provide free legal information and services to low-income workers;
  • Presenting the employee perspective in publications, policy debates and public discussion.

A 2017 Webby Award Honoree, the award-winning Workplace Fairness website has newly updated information throughout the site, as part of the web’s most comprehensive resource educating workers about their legal rights in the workplace.

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