Swiss Exports are taking speed in May 2021

In May total Swiss Exports reached CHF 20807 million and imports CHF 16543 million, thus the trade plus resulting  was CHF 4264 million.  Against the previuous month exports increased nominally bvy 3.5 %, wheras imports decreased by -1.6 %, and in real terms exports increased by 2.6 % and imports decreased -1.1 %.

The export development in the main groups differed in May, but the plus of chemical-pharmaceutical products (CHF +754 million) were responsible and moved the result into a plus. The turnover of precision instruments and the sale of metals and machinery and electronics stalled. Also less watches (3.4 %) were exported.

Exports to Europe, foremost to Germany and France,  increased by 3.5 % and to North America + 6.6 %, deliveries to Ireland increased more than 50 %, by contrast exports to Austria disappeared, whereas Asia reported a drop of -9.4 % against April, foremost less exports to Japan and Hong Kong.

The export of textiles, clothing and footwear a,pimted in May to CHF 420 million, a minus of CHF 3 million, nominally against April -0.6 % and in real terms -0.0 %.

On the import side textiles, clothing and footwear amounted to CHF 1069 million or CHF 29 million less, against April the nominal rate was -2.6 %, and in real terms -2.4 %.